The Cape Spurfowl (pternistis capensis) Family Cools in the Shade on a Hot Day

The last couple of weeks the days has been extremely hot and rain is scarce. The temperature last week, when I took these photographs, was 30 C / 86 F. It was really hot and the rain has been non-existent for 3-4 weeks. (Since then, it has rained once at last.) I and my dad was sitting in the kitchen when he heard some noises outside and underneath a big avocado tree, we saw the family of four visiting our garden again! I think they have formed a liking for my garden and they know there are safe shady spaces where they can relax. In any case. please enjoy these photographs of these beautiful birds!

The Shots



(Something fascinated them in the tree. I think they might have looked for some food!)




The Family Portrait


It was a bit dark, but there are four of them!

The Attempts