South African Spring Day Flowers Macro Photography: Musings on New Growth and Loads of Flowers

It is the 1st of September and this is officially spring in South Africa. I live on the western-southern coast and it is always a joke with us locals who know that spring will be late. It actually snowed only a week ago! See the photographs of the snow I took on Sunday the 29th of August (so it is actually less than a week ago!). However, for a brief period today, it felt like spring. Between 14:00 and 17:00 there was no wind, there was beautiful sunshine, the flowers opened and I took this opportunity to take some macro photographs of the spring flowers.

Spring is also the time of new growth. (I have a bunce of photographs below all the flowers of new growth emerging, especially on the fig tree and peach tree.) New growth can be daunting, but it is a great opportunity to "re-make" and "re-invent" yourself. Nature provides this opportunity for herself every year. Trees that throw their leaves down re-grow new leaves. Potential. Abundant potential. This re-growth does not always symbolize strength, in fact, new growth is open for potential loss and injury. The tree that re-grows its leaves, can lose them if there is frost or too hot wind. However, this potential for loss is needed for the potential of new growth, hence the need for us to be vulnerable if we want to grow further, and if we want to grow better. It is scary, but oh is it not the most beautiful thing ever.

The photographs are of two sorts: the first part is about the flowers, the second part of regrowth. I really hope that you find the potential to grow, to re-grow, and to re-invent yourself as you see fit. Stay safe, and if you are in the part of the world where it is not spring, stay warm in the winter!


The Snow



Spring Flowers


























Yellow: The Happy Color

If you made it this far in the post, thank you so much for stopping by. Here is a larger image or a zoomed-out image of the flowers in the garden. The yellow is immaculate. It makes me happy, or I have always linked happiness to yellow and especially yellow flowers. I hope this brings you some happiness.