Philosophical Abstractions: Mixed mediums (pen; paper; charcoal) on paper and cardboard

Lockdown in my country has left most people feeling frustrated. Jobs have been lost, the hospitality industry is crippling under the pressure of an alcohol ban, and I cannot find a job in the current turbulent times. Luckily, I have a great supporting structure (family) and this lockdown has enabled me to start drawing again. For some reason, I have started drawing abstract art with various mediums (charcoal, pen, pencil, etc.). Last week I shared a couple, but this week I have tried the same types of drawings on different papers and different mediums. I even tore open an old wine box and drew on it. Please enjoy these sketches with some philosophical aphorisms.

I have chosen to name these abstract creations "Philosophical Abstractions" because I think it symbolizes the abstract idea of abstract thought. In other words, the process of abstracting the every day is itself an abstract (read: uncanny) process.

Change is not easy. Change might be frightening. Change might symbolize that there was something wrong to begin with which forced/brought about the change.



White pastel and pen on a wine cardboard piece.

The world sees the world in black and white because it is easier to comprehend the complexity in this simplified view. Beliefs of right and wrong eventually follow. This evident simplified vision of the world influences behaviour in a negative way; complexity is disregarded, even if this complexity is needed in the first place.





Pencil on paper.

Limiting oneself to the evident or what is at hand is to limit oneself. Going beyond the evident, influenced by ones (practical) wisdom, opens a world which is not accessible to everyone.



Charcoal on paper.

Finding happiness in someone/something else, will never contribute to your own happiness. Finding happiness is as elusive as chasing your own shadow, but it is a never-ending joyful experience.




Ink on paper.