How I Make Basil Pesto Pasta With Home Grown Basil

I think homegrown basil is superior to store-bought. The flavour is more intense and it harvested at its peak. There is also something special to making your own pesto with a mortar and pistil. The flavour is so much more intense. Chef John from youtube said it beautiful: Mortar and pistil pesto is like the truth: not everyone can handle it! This is so true. Today I will show you how I make my basil pesto pasta! It is the best flavours, and I think it is super healthy with loads of basil leaves and raw garlic.



Step 1: Make the Basil pesto

I make my basil pesto in the following order: I make a garlic paste with salt and pepper in the mortar and then I add the basil leaves and make that into a paste. I then add some nuts and loads of olive oil. Because I am adding this to pasta I do not add any cheese at this stage. When I make basil pesto for other uses I would have added the cheese last.









Step 2: Make some bread crumbs

I add some toasted bread crumbs for a flavour and contrast boost. It is crunchy and adds a tremendous amount of flavour.



Step 3: Make the pasta and sauce

The pasta is so easy to make now. Boil your pasta until your prefered doneness and store the cooking water, you will use this to make your sauce. Mix the basil pesto without the cheese and add some pasta water until it resembles a sauce. Then you add loads of cheese and emulsify the sauce.



I really hope you will make this for you! Please eat healthily and stay safe in these trying times!